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Stay home, stay safe


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This refers to the opinion article ‘India needs to go beyond symbolism’ in your edition dated March 24. Absolutely, it is time for action. In fact, most Indian states are already on high alert and have started full or part shut-down initiatives to keep people indoors in the best possible way.

In the wake of COVID-19 outbreak and the tireless efforts of the government to curb its spread, any initiative to fight the transmissible diseases is a vibrant step forward. Sharing vital information through reliable sources is one such initiative.

In India, the most important requirement is that all political parties come under one umbrella in this fight towards saving humankind.  It is not the time for criticism, but genuine actions aimed at curbing the spread of the dangerous virus.

The best ‘medicine’, however, to counter the threat is awareness, remaining calm and staying away from crowds – therefore the tagline ‘social distancing’ is being so widely used.

While the governments across the world are taking a number of initiatives to curb the pandemic, it is the responsibility of every individual to be aware of their social commitment.

It is obvious that because of COVID-19 the world is suffering in many areas such as trade, job security etc., however, the primary focus should be on saving lives.  It is not the time for an outing with friends and family, instead stay indoors to reduce the exposure and safeguard the elders and children.

Ramachandran Nair — Muscat

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