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Brief respite

Climage Change

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The view about pollution and carbon emissions bouncing back in the aftermath of the Covid-19 crises is a different perspective from the images flying around of the planet being the beneficiary of the ongoing crises. Sure, the carbon footprint has reduced but then so has economic activity. There is a pause in pollution; just a pause because this state of inactivity cannot continue as it is (“Shutdowns help lower harmful emissions,” Mar.21, Gulf Today).

In fact emissions and pollution will increase to make up for the months of economic inactivity after the world gets back on its feet. Like the article says, the effects will be worse than they were before the novel coronavirus struck.

So essentially, there is a pause in the flight against climate change. The earth is getting a teeny bit better and then when the world gets on its feet, climate change is trash. So thus, we can very well predict what or how the next catastrophe will be — we will suffer at the hands of climate change and the possibilities are endless.

By the looks of it, humanity is doomed.

Joyce D — By email

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