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Keep fear at bay


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The fast spreading novel coronavirus is proving to be a big health challenge besides wreaking havoc on social and economic activities globally. Thankfully governments all over are tackling it head-on, but the task is humongous and unless all of us get pro-active, the coming days will only get worse for all of us (“The coronavirus lockdown in Spain is an eerie experience, but it also has its heartwarming moments,” Mar.17, Gulf Today).

The Italian response is heartwarming no doubt, but it is also a lesson for people in other countries who are struggling to deal with the outbreak. The situation is grim, but we need to keep our hopes alive and ofcourse cooperate with the health and government authorities.  As of the UAE, it is heartening that it has put robust containment and control measures in place to tackle the coronavirus. The country’s Dhs100b stimulus package is a huge step in that direction. The lockdown and quarantine imposed in many countries in the world is creating a lot of panic in the minds of the people globally, even in other countries which are not under red alert.

But fear should not be allowed to go viral. Panic buying and rumour mongering will only aggravate the situation further. Let’s be prudent and stick to the guidelines issued by the government and health officials.

Vishal Rathod

By email

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