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Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump — Two occassions, one dress.

It’s time more celebrities and personalities gracing the red carpet, take a cue from their rather unusual counterparts, who are actively promoting the sustainable dress code (‘Outfit repeats’ is just a normal thing, normal people do every day’, Feb.6, Gulf Today).

The most recent example was that of President Trump daughter’s Ivanka Trump who made a loud sustainable fashion statement when she repeated her outfit in Ahmedabad, India a few days ago. By choosing to once again wear the floral printed baby blue and red dress, she first wore on a diplomatic visit to Argentina last year, Ivanka made a much more honest statement than her father who most likely will be remembered for the gaffes, if anything.

Hardly a month ago, at the Baftas, Kate Middleton opted to wear a white and gold Alexander McQueen gown that she had first donned in 2012. Hollywood actress Jane Fonda has gone a step ahead by saying that she would not buy new clothes, after she repeated her Cannes 2014 outfit to the Oscars this year. The other notable propagator of this concept is former US First Lady Michelle Obama.

Hats off, literally, to all these ladies. They are walking the talk. And that too, in style. There are countless celebrities who espouse sustainability and environment protection, but spend thousands on outfits when they walk the red carpet. If that is not hypocrisy, what is?

I hope the actions of Ivanka and like-minded people will encourage the so called elites to either rewear or hire an outfit instead of buying something new every time they attend a signature event.

Carmen R
By email

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