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Millennials have their office on the go


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Digital modes of communication have made it possible to stay connected with all and sundry on-the-go. The flipside is that the smartphone buzzes continuously. While the narrative focuses primarily on millennials, I feel a cluttered mailbox is a cause of anxiety and frustration for all across the board (“60% millennials feel anxious about unread emails,” Jan.27, Gulf Today).

The survey which was conducted with over 600 millennials in India to understand their work email behaviour patterns threw up a expected result that 60 per cent of those said that emails can be a good substitute for workplace meetings. That probably will be picked up well by the corporate bosses because electronic mail has no deadline. Its 24x7 unlimited access.

This is unlike our times when we had to stick to a regimen of 9-6 behind the desk, Millennials have their office on the go and that is exciting.  But the plum benefits on offer for the new breed of employees got me a bit envious. Of course HR managers say benefit options should integrate job life, home life and social life to address the “whole person” rather than just the one in the cubicle.

Though this survey is India-centric, global companies seeking young professionals are crafting benefits to help employees be purposeful, proud and personal. And the new mantra is: Millennials don’t like to be micromanaged. So long as they get their work done, we don’t care when they ask for time off.  Highlighting that there is a social aspect to the work environment, firms are pampering to that need. It sounds good and a win-win situation for both, the corporate and the employee.

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