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Severe punishment must for perpetrators of child abuse

Ali Muhammed Khan

Ali Muhammed Khan

The punishment should be ruthless for those who are involved in incidents of sexually abusing and murdering children (“Pakistan’s assembly passes resolution calling for public hanging of child abuse,” Feb.7, Gulf Today).

In my opinion there is no other cowardly crime than sexually abusing and murdering children, criminals who are involved in that kind of incidents have no right to live. If anybody thinks that the people who are involved in the cowardly act are mentally ill or are going through some psychological problem, he is absolutely wrong. They commit those crimes consciously, and let me say that it has become now a big business and the whole crime is spun on dark webs.

A resolution calling for public hanging of offenders convicted for sexually abusing and murdering children was passed in the Pakistan’s National Assembly (NA) on Friday with a majority of votes.

Passing a resolution in parliament to stop that inhuman crime will not be fruitful. There are already a number of laws that address child abuse crimes but are not implemented according to their true spirit. There is a nexus between criminals and powerful people in the country. So the criminals who do those crimes have the courage to do because they know they have links with powerful people who are their partners in crime so the law will not catch up with them.

The civilian government has totally failed to address such a serious issue of murdering children after sexually abusing them, it is the need of the hour that secret agencies of Pakistan and Pakistan Army should start operation cleanup against the criminal nexus. I am sure, people of Pakistan will stand shoulder to shoulder with their armed forces to get rid of that criminal nexus, the same way as the Pakistan Army with the help of people of Pakistan defeated terrorism in the country.

Soukat Khan
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