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Lopsided mindset

Lopsided mindset

Kate Middleton

Like the article says, what’s great about Kate Middleton wearing the dress that she wore in 2012 for this year’s Baftas. That’s she’s martyed for that act, shows our lopsided mindset. We extol celebrities for doing what they should be doing more often, and for what is part of our everyday lives (“‘Outfit repeats’ is just a normal thing, normal people do every day,” Feb.6, Gulf Today).

We are breathless that she re wore the same outfit. But why? We should be breathless at the cost of her every new outfit which she purportedly doesn’t repeat. She affords it on the taxpayers money, to which the royal family believe they have a freehand.

So, even if somehow, us laypeople could have afforded a new outfit every day, we would have not indulged. Because that’s our hard earned money we are talking about. We also have to pay rents and bills. Which of course the royal family doesn’t have to worry about.

So, while a thousand pound dress would knock the daylights off us, for the likes of Kate Middleton, it’s all in a day’s work. If there’s any work involved, that is.

Joyce D
By email

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