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Why only Australia?


Australia has been battling against an unprecedented run of bushfire.

Australia alone isn’t to be blamed for Australia’s fires. Like the Arctic alone isn’t to be blamed for its melting glaciers (“Heatwave renews bushfire worries for Australia,” Jan.30, Gulf Today).

We are all collectively to be blamed for the happenings of the planet. Pointing fingers at Australia and Australia’s prime minister is akin to having a house in which one room is on fire and blaming one single occupant of the house for the same.

Global warming isn’t Australia’s problem alone. It has got to do with the dwindling tree cover all over the planet. Jair Bolsonaro is as much to blame for global warming and the ensuing fires everywhere as is Modi for chopping down more trees in the name of development. All humans are to be blamed for keeping silent when these imbeciles take decisions for us.

It’s time to realise that we can’t save the planet. No, it’s not in our hands anymore. The only way that the planet can save itself is if we leave it alone. No other species poses as much threat. We talk of control and fossil fuels and planting more trees. With our numbers, it’s never going to happen.

Joyce D
By email

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