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Natural disaster

Natural disaster

Turkey has been prone to earthquakes for decades.

It is so sad that a powerful earthquake with magnitude of 6.8 struck eastern Turkey on Friday, killing at least 22 people and collapsing buildings in towns near the centre of the tremor (“Powerful earthquake kills 22 in Turkey,” Jan.25, Gulf Today).

The earthquake is a major natural disaster in the world. In human history, from the beginning of this world, no one can develop any technology to stop earthquakes from happening. But in a world, where all the humans are brothers and sisters, it is the prime responsibility to help the country that is going through the earthquake disaster crisis.

Turkey has been prone to earthquakes for decades. In 1966, a quake with a 6.8 magnitude hit the southeastern town of Varto, killing over 2,000 people. I would like to offer my deep sorrow to the families who lost their loved ones during Friday’s earthquake in Turkey and appeal to the world to help Turkey as much as it can.

Rahmat Shah
By email

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