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Dearly missed


Sultan Qaboos Bin Said

This refers to your report about the sad passing away of the Sultan Qaboos bin Said. In his death, the world and the Middle East has lost a wise, able and secular leader. I was sad to hear about his death. I visited Oman many times on work and was impressed with the peace and equanimity in the country. The local people were always relaxed and calm. They never get upset or angry. They also welcome tourists and foreign visitors.

It was always a great pleasure to travel in Oman due to the excellent road networks and the wide array of hotels and restaurants across the country. The Sultan modernised Oman, with tourism playing a major role, after oil production. The serene environment in the state was principally due to the wise and enlightened leadership of Sultan Qaboos. He maintained a very low profile, kept above regional and global strife and focussed on the welfare of his people.

He remained close to his people. Every year he organised camps, when he would go to different regions and stay in tents, so as to be able to meet the country folk and talk to them. The company I worked for in the Middle East, supplied the flattened, leavened Arabic breads (Khubooz) for the meals at these camps. We prided ourselves that the Sultan Qaboos of Oman eats the “Khubooz” we supplied, when he travels to meet his people.

Sultan Qaboos bin Said will be missed by all.

Rajendra Aneja
Mumbai, India

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