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It’s a time when the extended family comes together

Christmas cheer

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It’s that time of the year once again when the spirit of joy and celebration fills the air. When the shopping malls are overflowing with people doing their Christmas shopping amidst the tinselled trees, kids queuing up for selfies with Santa and with streets decorated with twinkling lights filled with people enjoying music and food. Let’s not forget the airports which will be overflowing with passengers rushing home for the festivity.

It’s a time when the extended family comes together. But it is also a time to reach out to the needy. I remember going carol singing with my friends to the old-aged homes and hospitals in my younger days, a small attempt from our side to make them feel special.

Things are different now, since I moved to the UAE. And being an expat, come December, I can think of nothing else but to rush home to be with my loved ones in Goa.  The feeling is no different for the Goan populace residing here. Many must have already left for home and still more must be on their way to the paradise, where every birthday is special more so the birth of Jesus Christ.

This year though I will be celebrating the feast with my family here in the UAE. But, yet it makes me nostalgic for home. It’s a different feel to be home. Thousand of devotees decked in their festive best throng the opulent Goan churches for Midnight mass, and the community spirit that follows is unmatched. The saving grace is that I will not be missing out on the traditional Goan dishes and sweets, thanks to my family being here.

Dolreich Menezes
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