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Democracy in peril

Democracy in peril

The Indian students are leading a spirited campaign against the NRC.

Is India losing its moral compass or is immorality of conscience being forced upon its citizens. Whatever the case may be, it is a cause for concern. A cause of deep concern (“Delhi Police fire tear-gas, strike demonstrators with batons as violence flares over Indian citizenship law,” Dec.16, Gulf Today).

The last few days have been horrific. Rapes, burnings and murders of victims of sexual assault, extra-judicial killings and partisan laws have made headlines. While thousands of Indians are pounding at the doors of the administration seeking justice and rule of law, there is violence and bloodshed on the streets.

What we are witnessing is a distorted narrative of justice gaining strength. A few days ago we had people celebrating the extra-judicial killing of the alleged rapists of the young veterinarian in Hyderabad in an ‘encounter’. Some days later we see an unconstitutional law come into play. Circumventing the due process of law is erroneously seen as fairness or justice.

The air is heavy as dark clouds of strife and hatred circle the skies, but I know India is strong. Its people are spirited. The enemy may not be outside our borders, it could well be amongst us. The Judas lurks among the trusted. India needs to spot the betrayer. What India needs to do now is introspect and find its way out of the fog imposed by divisive forces.

Is it utopian to think so? I believe not. The young students are on the streets. They give me hope. Immense hope. If blood be red, who can change that colour? If our future leaders can see that truth, I see hope.

Vishal Rathod
By email

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