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At nature’s mercy

At nature’s mercy

A remote view of the White Island volcano eruption.

The eruption of the white island volcano shows the powerlessness of humans in the wake of nature rearing its head. And sadly the lesson is never learnt. Rescue operations could not be done because of the heat and the ash. Where does the power of human intelligence stand in the face of nature’s intelligence? (“‘Sudden’ volcano eruption in New Zealand kills five, several missing,” Dec.9, Gulf Today).

The point is that nature is nature and we can either chose to live in harmony with it and accept its powerful authority and generosity too, or we can continue to be what we are, on the path to destruction of what gives us our daily bread.

Of course nothing can and could have been done about the white island volcano. The island just gave a burp and that is that. It doesn’t care who was at the rim and who would die. Because living and dying are both parts of nature and all this is in its natural path of action.

The volcano is a trailer of what is in store if we don’t get our act together where climate change is concerned. The volcano isn’t related to climate change of course but the helplessness that is felt in the aftermath, is.

Abilasha D
By email

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