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We all are suffering from climate anxiety


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It’s not just the US who’s suffering from climate anxiety. The citizens of the world are not spared from the worry about their lives and their future save for the industrialists and politicians who continue to make policies to create further environmental destruction. And rightfully so. The planet as we have known it, no longer exists. What’s exists is a traumatised planet with a lot of wounds on its face. And that’s a cause of concern for the well-being of all species. Selfish that humans are, the survival of this species is considered paramount.

Anyway, the anxiety about the completely obvious changes caused by climate change and the further future deterioration of the environment is palpable. It manifests in depression, angst and most of all in people not wanting to procreate for the legacy that will be left for the progeny.

It is like having on our hands a completely sodden earth and surely if that’s not cause for anxiety, I don’t know what is.

Joyce D
By email

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