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Key to success

Key to success

Mark Manson

I truly agree with Mark Manson that scoring high grades at school is not the only key to success (“Right idea of success is the key,” Nov.4, Gulf Today.)

At the same time it does not mean that one should quit school life. School provides us with an opportunity to learn how to work and think. It helps us in learning how to cope with life and how to use knowledge effectively. These skills of learning must be applied in one’s daily life to achieve dreams.

One must have a properly defined idea of what success is. People have to be realistic in setting their goals and must ensure that they have the right idea about what success is to them. Being successful could mean achieving all what one desired for. However, such a success would result in failure if the person is not happy at the end of the day.

Failure is a part of success. One cannot achieve success before failure. It is not about avoiding failure but rather it is about accepting failure and becoming better at it. If a person understands the principle behind success, then no one can stop him from achieving his dreams.

Vedant Lal
By email

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