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Talented star

Talented star

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor is not just a model of fashion and glamour, she is also an actress with talent (“Sonam Kapoor dazzles in Sharjah,” Nov.3, Gulf Today). Ever since she starred in her debut film Saawariya, she has acted in quite a few movies, which unfortunately tanked at the box office.

But that was not the only film that flopped, more followed. She essayed other roles, including that of a matchmaking maiden from an affluent society in ‘Aisha’ to a demure Kashmiri girl in ‘Mausam.’ It appeared that she was all fashion and beauty, without any histrionic appeal.

However, all that changed with Neerja, where she plays an airhostess caught in a hostage situation and ultimately sacrifices her life for the sake of the passengers. She received a Filmfare award for her role in the film. The movie showed that she has depth and intensity. Her presence at the Sharjah book fair enthused one and all. I am glad she lit up the event with her sparkling presence.

Piyali Ghosh
By email

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