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The holistic route

The world of alternative medicine and homeopathy is vast and can be somewhat confusing to those who choose to go down the natural route. This week we are taking a deeper look at what exactly homeopathy entails and how it could work for you.

Dr Mukesh Batra is a well-known figure in the homeopathic world. Having started with a single clinic 40 years ago, Dr Batra now has 225 clinics globally as well as an impressive client list. His idea is that with homeopathy you get can to the root cause of an issue, instead of just suppressing pain and discomfort with painkillers which offer only temporary relief.

The non-invasive, pain free approach may take a while to work but results have proved successful for people who want to get away from conventional medicine. Read on to discover more about homeopathy as well as Dr Batra’s answer to the cynics.

In other news this week, we have got some wedding specials for you on our Fashion and Fitness pages. If you are an upcoming bride we have got you covered. Check out the best bridal trends for Fall/Winter 2019 which include statement gowns with dramatic sleeves as well as non-white dresses.

When it comes to your Fitness for your big day, follow our month-long regime to ensure you end up in the best shape. From HIIT to Pilates, these are the best exercises to do in the run up to your special day. We also have some diet tips which will be helpful in maintaining your wedding shape.

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