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Endangered koalas


Habitat in which koalas reside is slowly disappearing.

In a recent bushfire in Australia, 2000 hectares of forest was burnt. Koalas in this region now live in the fire zone (“Hundreds of koalas feared dead in Australia bushfire”, Oct. 31, Gulf Today).

The special importance of these is that they are genetically diverse and losing them would be very sad news for humankind. Koalas can save themselves by climbing up trees and forming a little ball. If the fire just singes their fur, then their fur would grow back.

However, if the fire intensifies, then they have no choice but to die. Australians must take an initiative to save these species from getting burnt and losing them forever.

Another ominous news is that the habitat in which Koalas reside is slowly disappearing. They prefer to live in coastal forests which are being cleared for suburban expansion. As a result, Koalas have made it to the IUCN Red List.

If the Australian government and wildlife volunteers do not take action then we might lose another special species from the world. The future generation might not even be able to see them. Opening of sanctuaries to save the koalas might be a solution.

Vedant Lal
By email

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