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UAE’s initiatives will help improve medical health of citizens

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Recently the Ministry of Health and Prevention organised a meeting to develop the second cancer indicator which will help physicians to come up with quick and effective solutions to reduce cancer mortalities (“ Ministry hosts meeting to develop cancer indicator,”Oct.27, Gulf Today).

According to several researchers, the present ultrasound can indicate if the nodule is malignant or cancerous and then make a decision whether to do a biopsy. However, with the help of “Machine Learning” and AI, a quick and non invasive approach to cancer screening can be done. Moreover this is a low cost and efficient tool that can help physicians to arrive at quicker decisions. This is great news for the medical world.

UAE will also come up with early cancer detection campaigns, develop an electronic recall system, establish specialised centres to provide diagnostic and curative services and prepare a national cancer registry. Such initiatives taken by the UAE will help improve the medical health of its citizens and also create an impact in the world.

Vedant Lal
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