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Unending woes for Rohingya migrants

Rohingya Refugees

International community needs to intervene and find a permanent solution to the Rohingya crisis.

It’s unfortunate that the Rohingya issue still remains unresolved. The Bangladesh government though is doing all it can to assist the refugees, but I do understand that there is a limit to the assistance a foster country can render, and so the latest move is both a boon and a curse (“Rohingya refugees agree move to Bangladesh’s Bhashan Char island,” Oct.21, Gulf Today).

While the report states that thousands of Rohingya now living in the over crowed camps at Cox’s Bazar have agreed to move to the island in the Bay of Bengal, the new site is also prone to flooding. Which indirectly implies that the helpless refugees could be jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Do they have a choice?

I am in no way suggesting that the Bangla government is faulty in its decision to move the refugees. But it is a weak option considering that powerful cyclones have killed hundreds of thousands of people in the Meghna river estuary where the island is located in the recent past. Rights groups have also warned that the island, which emerged from the sea only about two decades ago, might not be able to withstand violent storms during the annual monsoon season.

In fact the need of the hour is for the international community to intervene and find a permanent solution. One measure would be to put pressure on the Myanmar government diplomatically to facilitate the safe return of the refugees back home. Sanctions could be another alternative.

S Farook
By email

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