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Britain's future remains uncertain


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Another Brexit deal with Brussels, this time by the ‘do or die’ famed Johnson. But a Super Saturday awaits, before its fate is decided. The withdrawal agreement by his predecessor Theresa May suffered the ignominy of being rejected three times by the UK lawmakers. Are we in for another round of Brexit drama? (“UK, EU strike Brexit deal, MPs to vote on it tomorrow,” Oct.18, Gulf Today).

I bet no one expected ‘Britain Exit’ to be so acrimonious. But that it has been one, the only way out is to pay the price for our folly. Westminster brushed off May’s divorce deal repeatedly and the new one on the table may face a similar fate if we are to believe the news bulletins making the rounds.

But, even if the deal goes through, can we say with certainty that Brexit troubles are done with. Not at all, it will only be the beginning of another torturous period. Of course after three grueling years the general desire is to get it sorted, so that the paralysis ruining the economy is curtailed. Business analysts say that over £69 billion is already lost in investments. Add to it the intangibles. Britain is paying a very hefty price every day for a decision that is delayed.

Though the new divorce deal appears to have tweaked some of the contents of May’s agreement, the contentious Irish border issue is still under debate, which invariably means that should Johnson’s pact be ratified by parliament on Saturday, the future will still remain uncertain.

With just two weeks remaining for the Oct 31 deadline the possible outcomes still range from an orderly departure to a chaotic exit or even another final say that could reverse the entire process. “Be dead in the ditch,” we will be, that is if someone else doesn’t.

Madeline Smith
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