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Why should books be the exception?


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The bookstagram article throws an entirely new and different light on how books are seen, marketed and picked up. With technology and its reach extending at more than an exponential rate, it is but the need of the times to keep up with the pace. The habit of reading and paperbacks which are considered to be part of another era are hopefully getting a new face and a new audience by chiseling themselves to fit into the tastes of this new age (“Encouraging reading, marketing fiction, Bookstagram style,” Oct.6, Gulf Today).

Thus, for the newer generation, depending on a book review by one person in any publication doesn’t quite convince. Because reading today is not the same as it was long ago. Readers are segregated in their tastes, a book that appeals to one will be distasteful for another. And that’s why people would prefer to look to an instagramer’s review, because by looking at the posts one can decide whether the person has similar tastes.

Also, gone is the cliche about not judging a book by the cover. In a world where appearance means everything to the extent that people will go to any extent to alter their looks to be Instagram worthy, why should books be the exception to this fact?

Joyce D
By email