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State of denial


Donald Trump

Fake News! And it’s a tweet once again from Trump. So obviously, it must be true. After the failure of most of the devices aimed at stopping migrants from crossing the US-Mexico border, it is hard for us to believe that the idea of alligators, snakes and electrified fences is far removed for his morbid mind? (“I never wanted alligators to stop immigrants,” Oct.3, Gulf Today).

But we can give him the benefit of doubt; the cacophony over his impeachment may be disturbing his otherwise healthy self talk. “I may be tough on Border Security, but not that tough. The press has gone Crazy. Fake News!.” I guess so, the press has gone nuts. It can’t stomach the fact Trump never gives up.

On assuming office Trump banned the arrival of Muslims from seven countries. A few months later his administration held migrant women captive and bundled children in cubicles while denying them basic human necessities like soap and medical help. While many died in swirling waters tying to make it to the tightened borders, others languished for months in squalid conditions at the Mexican borders awaiting news on their asylum petitions.  So what is wrong if Trump who has made a clampdown on both illegal and legal immigration one of the keystones of his nationalist “America first” presidency, now thinks of alligators-filled trenches as a means of deterring migrants from entering his country? Why should the press find it strange and think it is news?

As a matter of fact, I agree with Trump that it is indeed ‘fake news’. Because if we have tolerated his dehumanizing behaviour for the last three years, why can’t we play along with his alligator-filled trenches. Every move by Trump proves that he is unfit to be the president. That would be the real news, even Trump won’t be able to deny.

Carol Ross
By email