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Ethical fashion

Doshi has previously showcased at New York Fashion Week and is a regular at Lakme Fashion Week.

Sarah Taryam, Arts Editor

As the world becomes more environmentally conscious it is no wonder that the fashion industry, who happens to be the second largest polluting industry the world, is finally sitting up and taking notice. This week Saleha Irfan delves in the sustainable fashion world with an interview with designer Purva Doshi who is showcasing her brand in the NUMAISH fashion exhibition in Dubai this weekend.

Many people are unaware of the untreated toxic waste that is dumped into rivers by clothes factories. The list of pollutants that go into making fashion is endless, but some designers are determined to make a difference. Doshi’s brand is impressively eco-sensitive, vegan and PETA approved. It also previously showcased at New York Fashion Week as well as being a regular at Lakme Fashion Week.

While sustainable can mean a variety of things, to Doshi it means that her brand is made in her own country and generates employment. It also means that making her clothes does not involve any pollution or the killing of any animal. Doshi was moved to action six years ago when she saw a video of how silk is made. This led her to stop using silk and to further discover the pollution created by using dyes. Doshi took the ethical route and never looked back.

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