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Bold move


A decade ago, the menace of climate change seemed distant. But now it's here.

Severe droughts and hurricanes, melting ice sheets and rising sea levels are giving us a glimpse of the fallouts of a warmer planet. As much as leaders of some of  the advanced nations would like to discount all this as vagaries of nature, climate change is upon us and we need to take action before it is late (“UAE to pass climate law to mainstream adaptation,” Sept.26, Gulf Today).

The last five years have been the hottest on record. The threat is real. A decade ago, the menace of climate change seemed distant. But while we slept soundly nature took the beating silently. Now it has reached the tipping point and we are forced to get up from our slumber so that we can atleast save our children from dying in their sleep.

Climate activists like Swedish teen Greta Thunberg and the millions who join her in the protests are crying hoarse pleading the world to cut down on its carbon dioxide emissions. Though some leaders are hard of hearing not all is lost yet, there are many countries that are on course to meeting the targets set by the UN.

Environmental concerns enjoy a pivotal spot in UAE’s planning. Dr Thani’s announcement that the UAE will pass a Federal Law on climate that sets out an inclusive framework for climate action is but another ratification of that fact. The law will require authorities to assess and mitigate climate risks prior to proceeding with projects, thus effectively mainstreaming climate adaptation and resilience across sectors. It is indeed a bold move. A strategic step in the right direction. Also noteworthy is the integrated waste management projects and initiatives adopted by the government across the country. That’s the way to go UAE.

Sayed Hussain
By email

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