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The Third World shows ways to save the planet

Coral Reefs

A diver grabs a handful of staghorn, harvested from a coral nursery, to be planted inside the White River Sacntuary in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. AP

The Monday edition of your daily has an article on Costa Rica and sustainable farming. On Tuesday, it is Jamaica and the coral reefs. There is hope, in that, that humans can do better if they have the will to do so. I guess not all is lost. If we rev up the pace of positive approaches towards a harmonious living, we can stop from destroying the planet (“Surprise rescue of Jamaica coral reefs shows nature can heal,” Sept. 17, Gulf Today).

Most of the world dismisses developing countries, it seems like nothing can come out of them. But most times, it is the third world countries that show the way. The article says that In Jamaica, more than a dozen grassroots-run coral nurseries and fish sanctuaries have sprung up in the past decade, supported by small grants from foundations, local businesses such as hotels and scuba clinics, and the Jamaican government.

It ultimately is about giving back in equal if not more of a measure than what you take from nature. And conserving that what provides for your living means taking care of it and not stressing it out. Most of the Earth’s resources are under great stress.

Joyce D
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