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Sterling example


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We know that there is a long way to go before we are successful in reducing the greenhouse gas emissions that warm the planet. But I feel even small environmental campaigns go a long way. For example I have been following the campaigns undertaken by the UAE (“Ajman tourism body goes plastic-free,” Sept. 11, Gulf Today).

The Ajman Tourism Development Department (ATDD) commitment to the environment by banning the use of plastic utensils and replacing it with biodegradable material in its departments and divisions is a step in the right direction.

Small steps like these go a long way in sensitizing people on environmental issues. The Ajman Award for Sustainable Tourism (Madama), which aims to encourage partners within environmental practices to reduce water consumption and energy is also a laudable initiative.  Thousands of lives and property worth trillions of dollars is damaged annually because of climate change. While leaders of some nations are averse to climate change measures, UAE’s commitment to environment protection is outstanding.

There were reports a few months ago of how school children along with their parents went about collecting tons of rubbish dumped on some of the beaches in UAE. Though it was a cleanliness drive in principle, drives like these help instill green values in kids. If preservation of environment is inculcated in young minds, it will bear fruits in the future. It will make them responsible citizens of the earth. Protecting and conservation of the environment is the need of the hour and UAE is setting the right example for the future generation.

R Chandra
By email

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