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Farcical times


Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson’s fate is uncertain and so is the case with Brexit. Theresa May was forced to resign over the issue and if we are to go by what’s happening in Britain, Johnson’s days may also be numbered. Another scalp is likely to roll unless something absurd happens before the Oct 31 deadline. But seriously, has not the whole Brexit exercise since 2016 already taken absurdity to a whole new level? (“Johnson pledges to fight on despite Brexit blows,” Sept. 9, Gulf Today).

Credit to Johnson, he takes the cake for being resolute, come what may. Mind you, not crashing out of the union ‘come what may’. That was in a way stymied last week by the House of Commons which voted to stop the PM from taking Britain out of the European Union without a deal. That 21 of his MPs voted against him, should send a strong signal. But Johnson is resolute. That virtue probably could end up making him Britain’s shortest serving Prime Minister. It’s resolute for him, weak for the rest of the world.

Of course he has said he would rather “die in a ditch” then let Britain remain in the EU. And so we might just have to wait and see what happens first. Things don’t look good. But he is resolute. Maybe he still does have a trick or two up his sleeve. There couldn’t have been a more exciting time than now for the British populace. Don’t know how true the anti-Brexit protestors are when they say “Ikea has better cabinets”? Probably they do.

Ralph R
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