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Whither peace?

Whither peace?

Kashmir remains tense after the revocation of Article 370 by New Delhi. Reuters

The world seems to be boiling in a cauldron of turmoil. And like the frog sitting in a boiling pot of water, it is tragically heading towards its doom.  From the Amazon rainforests being engulfed in flames to Hong Kong enveloped in tear gas to Britain which is roiling in the Brexit chaos to Kashmir trapped in a proxy war with the Indian government, chaos reigns supreme. Surprisingly none of these problems are caused can be attributed to vagaries of nature. It is man-made, with the victims being humans themselves. And if I was to pin it down to one cause? Human greed is what it is.

Either it is the greed for power or the greed for wealth. From Brazilian president Bolsonaro who wants to let the forests burn so that he can rake in the moolah to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson who is on a ego pampering ‘do or die’ mission, the people at the top will stop at nothing to have their way.

Britain is on the cusp of ending its four decades of EU membership without a deal governing key issues such as future trade relations and citizens’ rights, because mighty Johnson is determined to succeed where his predecessor Theresa failed. And is hell bent on throwing all caution to the winds. There is a furious outcry over the no-deal Brexit amid Johnson’s suspension of parliament just weeks before Britain’s EU departure. But who cares. And so is the case with Hong Kong and India. Hang on, the others are on their way.

Sayed Hussain
By email

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