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Colossal loss

Fires in Amazon rainforest up more than 80% this year.

Fires in Amazon rainforest up more than 80% this year.

The eyes of those who care about the environment are on the burning Amazon rainforests. But also the eyes of the greedy land mongers and oil thirsty mongers are also gleefully on the Amazon fires.

The sufferers in the long run are all the inhabitants of planet Earth but right now, the saddest part is the loss of life of the forest and the creatures that live within.  The innumerable species that stay in the Amazon rainforests are a treasure and they will surely be confounded about the fires and the threat to their lives. Thousands of them must have perished and died from the fires. Not to mention the tribes who live in there.

And “According to a report in the National Public Radio (NPR), Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has shown little concern for the situation.”

Why are we fighting border wars when we should be fighting for this? If not for ourselves, but for the animals and trees and tribes that live in the Amazon. They have done nothing to deserve this, while we humans have done everything to deserve the consequences of the aftermath of this mass destruction of forests.

Joyce D
By email

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