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Aren’t we late?


Young people are the highest contributors to food wastage. File/Reuters

The one about rethinking about food and land use is a nice column but it brims with a positivity that doesn’t quite fit into the current state of affairs.

Even talking very positively about Brexit, where the author says, ‘Outside the EU we can and will replace it with a system that rewards good stewardship of land and nature, and which also helps our farmers become more efficient and productive and hence better able to compete in the new markets we want to open up to them via an independent trade policy’ (“Time to rethink our relationship to waste and land use”, Aug. 20, Gulf Today).

This assumes that everything else is fine, all parameters are in place and the only thing we need to think about is how our country will prosper after we leave the EU.

The column doesn’t talk about anything new. It repeats what we know and fear about climate change.

It is feeble in its attempt to convey the urgency, almost a dying breath like what the climate scenario is today.

2050? What a joke. Even 2030 is bleak. I believe we have crossed the threshold and there’s no turning back unless extreme and drastic measures are collectively taken but of course the people that are currently running the countries are concerned about borders and war.

Shulton Fernando
By email

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