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The cap fits all


Police clash with anti-government protesters in Hong kong. File/ Reuters

Of course the people who form the governments around the world are anything but pro-citizens nor are they pro welfare. They can best be described as maniacal tyrants who have quixotic agendas of patriotism and loyalty towards their fanatic ideals. Of course I have not named any country — it could be the US or North Korea or Syria or China or India or Brazil. The cap fits all.

The point in question is Hong Kong and China’s interference in the lives and affairs of the citizens of Hong Kong thereby resulting in the protests that have rocked the country for 10 weeks now. And I believe it is absolutely fine to protest. Why not, when your rights are under threat you don’t go down silently. Since Hong kongers have known a better life and better times while being under the British, Chinese interference is surely suffocating considering that mainland China isn’t popular at all for freedoms especially as those of freedom of expression.

While the mature way to address the concerns of the people of Hong Kong would be to have peaceful dialogue where all insecurities and reservations are put on the table, China is behaving in a manner that even puts a lunatic to shame. They are deploying armed forces. Which doesn’t make sense, because the protesters aren’t armed neither are they enemy nor are they trying to attack the mainland. So calling for the armed forces is unfair to say the least. The protests in Hong Kong have been peaceful, without the use of weapons and they have my support. But China , brutes that they are, are choosing the violent path.

But how many of us can say that the governments of our respective countries aren’t brutes or are any better than the Chinese government? If it weren’t for the pain of the protesting people, it would be amusing to see China get out all their weapons and arms. It is similar to how an elephant might go to attack an ant.

Richard Goldman
By email

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