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Kashmir imbroglio


Bike-riders show their documents to security personnel in Srinagar. Reuters

This refers to the report ‘Modi govt scraps Article 370, ending special status for Jammu and Kashmir’, Gulf Today, Aug. 6.

The media within India and overseas is flooded with reports on India’s surprise move to revoke Article 370 of the Constitution.  There have been confusing arguments by the public, politicians and media personnel justifying their stand; however, if the people of Kashmir welcome the government’s decision to give Kashmir the privileges that other states and union territories in the country enjoy, it is quite unfortunate to see such hue and cry.  

There have been several facts that are revealed now to the public on the status of Kashmir and how it is positioned within the Indian framework.  

As the state has been administered by a family for decades, the ordinary people were the real suffering community. Even though years of insurgency have had serious impact on the state’s development on various aspects, the common people in the state cannot continue to suffer for no fault of theirs.  

The Article 370 of the Constitution conferring special status on Jammu and Kashmir has been formulated by leaders of decades old. It doesn’t mean that it cannot be altered, and now if the federal government wants to treat all Indians equally, irrespective of their caste, religion and territory, why not wait for some time and foresee a different future for not only Kashmiris, but also for all Indians?

If the revoking of Article 370 of the Constitution helps stop the suffering of the people of Kashmir, why not welcome this move, though it may take some time for people to accept this change.  

Ramachandran Nair

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