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When nature acts


Climate change is adversely affecting every country in different ways.

The column by James Dyke says lots of new things about climate change, a deviation from what all reports have been saying so far. But of course the ‘new things’ are far from good. If anything he lends an irreversible twist in the climate change saga, and if the current situation isn’t hell enough, it will surely be in the coming times (“The truth about the volatility of climate change,” July 26, Gulf Today).

James Dyke speaks about climate sensitivity and the technical term: equilibrium climate sensitivity. He makes a very valid point with the example of the bath tub. He says ECS tells us where the climate system will end up — what the final water level will be. But it may not tell us a great deal about how we will get there. Will we have a smooth increase or a much bumpier ride?

I think, whether the ride is smooth or bumpy, the destination is the same: hell. I mean literally. Can you imagine havoc on the lines of rising water levels on one end and drought at the same time? Scarcity of drinking water and unbearable heat waves?

Oh, now nature’s fun is about to get better.

Joyce D
By email

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