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Sad situation

Violence Against Women

Women activists protest against rising rape incidents in the country. AFP

In two separate reports, one about a teen being raped in Odisha and the other about a woman being burnt alive in Madhya Pradesh, shows the sorry state of affairs in regards to women safety in India. Expecting that women be respected is a far cry, but the least that can be done is to provide security and safety measures so that women do not fall prey to the rancid minds of the Indian men (“Across India, 1.5 lakh child rape cases pending,” July 26, Gulf Today).

Where are the lynchers when women and young girls and small girls are being raped and molested? Why do these coward lynchers come out of the woodwork only when they hear the word cow? Many a time, a cow has not even been involved and yet they have beaten to death several people.

What kind of mad situation are we looking at? Of course the law isn’t in the hands of the lynchers, but they have taken the law into their own hands and the police is quiet about the same. Should law enforcement do something about women’s safety? Considering that rapes and molestations go unpunished and are on the rise, it shows the complacency of the law enforcement officials who probably are hand in glove with the perpetrators. Sad situation.

Prithi Sawal
By email

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