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Poor management


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The report about the wild animals suffering as a result of the floods in Assam is something that is enough to send chills down one’s spine. Sure we have all heard of karma but it seems like the karma law doesn’t apply to animals or it applies to animals without them doing any wrong? (“Nature’s fury in Assam takes its toll on wildlife”, July 24, Gulf Today).

What is the fault of the animals that they suffer because of the consequences of man-made climate change? The animals in the national parks in Assam are either getting washed away in the floods, or are killed by vehicles as they try to escape the floods and cross the road, or they are trying to keep their heads above flood waters.

It is such as shame, that there was no disaster management plan for the national parks. In case of floods and fire, one can see the horrible state of the animals and the national Park itself. While one report extols India for sending a satellite to the moon, in several other parts there are floods and deaths due to the same. Why can’t there be holistic development? Why isn’t there priority being given to the dire necessities instead of trying to up the other countries?

The need of the hour always is the citizens — humans and animals alike — that need to be taken care of. And whatever disposable money that remains, needs to be put in other things that don’t involve life and well-being.

Purohit Shah

By email

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