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Japan has its own madness


A fire fighter watches an animation company, which caught fire in Kyoto on Thursday. AFP

Surely the world is going nuts and Japan isn’t spared. The arson attack could have been one of vendetta because the person claims something had been stolen.

While it is violence in the name of bovine in some parts of Asia, and violence in the name of religion in other parts, violence seems to rule the world. Not peace. Violence.

Looking at a general picture of all this violence the world over, one wonders whether people get a kick out of violence or being violent. The term could be schadenfreude. Why else would one turn on other humans who in no way have caused harm to the perpetrator? Worse still why would humans direct their wrath and frustration at other creatures that are innocent?

Coming back to the case in question, Japan has its own madness. It has resumed whaling after a 30 year gap. This isn’t justified. The animal rights say so. It is illogical. And the thing about women mandatorily having to wear heels to work? What kind of crazy world do we live in? A combination of frustration, schadenfreude, and disregard for all creatures alive.

We surely don’t know where the world is heading but whenever that is, it’s not a good place.

Joyce D

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