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Hundreds of Mexicans line up at the border to cross into the US.

The long read about Mexico and the immigration crises at the border sheds a lot of light on several issues and situations which the media fails to report. The focus on the media is “migrant crises” at the US-Mexico border. The author states that hundreds of thousands of Central Americans have passed through Mexico in the last five years, joined by Cubans, Haitians, Indians, Africans from Cameroon and the Democratic Republic of Congo and others in a trek to the southern US border. This means that the people who want to cross the border are not Mexicans alone, as the world is made to believe by the media.

Secondly, the article sheds light on the situation in Mexico itself. The crime and lack. It says that migrants already overwhelm local shelters, churches and parks in Tijuana. Close to 500 migrants are being returned each day to Ciudad Juarez, a city with just 1,500 shelter beds, and in the not too distant past rated the world’s most dangerous.

Reading the article was like twilight. The ways of the world are appalling in creating such disparity and divide. Surely, Trump has his justifications for keeping people away from America because of course, each land has resources for its own. But it means going a step further in helping out the countries outside the border to deal with their situations. It means benevolence, not to take in migrants but to help them where ever they are to have better lives in terms of employment and basic necessities.

Joyce D
By email

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