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Big day make-up

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Sarah Taryam, Arts Editor

It is definitely wedding season at the moment with people getting married every weekend. One of the most important things for a bride is of course, her make-up. This week we are bringing you some expert tips on how to best organise your make-up for your big day.

One of the first things a bride to be has to decide is whether or not she will use a professional make-up artist or do her own make-up. Whatever you decide on, make sure you have a trial run well in advance of your special day. This gives you the chance to tweak and adjust what you don’t like and will definitely make the whole process far less stressful.

When considering what type of look to go for, the best advice is to stay looking like yourself. A bride should be comfortable and confident with her wedding make-up on. The experts say you should avoid following any trends and instead stick to more classic looks. Also avoid heavy contouring. Apparently this works best for fashion photography, not wedding photographs where a bride may end up with brown streaks down her cheeks.

Make-up goes best onto skin that is properly cared for so make sure you have your skincare routine sorted well in advance of your wedding day. Do not forget to include a primer in order to keep your make-up looking fresh. Also, stay hydrated and up your water intake before your wedding so that your skin is looking its best.

In other non-wedding related news this week, turn to our Fitness pages to learn about the wonders of foam rolling and how it can benefit you. You’ve probably heard about this if you haven’t already tried it. Foam rolling involves using your own body weight to roll on a foam cylinder.  Read on to discover if this simple piece of equipment can actually make a difference to your fitness.

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