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Apocalypse nears


Some European countries are experiencing unprecedented heatwave. Reuters

The narrative about Europe heatwave only adds to the bells of alarm that are not just chiming, they are clanging in urgency. Europe heat doesn’t signal need for climate action — it says that it’s almost too late to do much. And reversing the effects of today and this moment will take decades. For example, what does one do about the usage of fossil fuel? One cannot switch overnight to alternatives. Unless, overnight the government makes plans about using only public transport for the next decade or so. And knowing the world leaders, such things are beyond their grasp (‘Europe heat signals need for climate change,’ June 30, Gulf Today).

Secondly, what do we do about the rising population, the reason for which deforestation occurs to provide housing and real estate? We can’t do anything about this even for the next two decades.

Thirdly, India seems to be far removed from climate change threats. Bovines and statues along with communalism are made the burning issues in India. I believe that if India continues this way, climate change effects will be irreversible. If 43 per cent of India faces drought, and the answer is trees, how can trees grow if people themselves are struggling for water?

The world is kind of awakening from a climate slumber and some nations choose to live in denial. Knowing humans, it will be too late when they decide to change. Sadly the policy makers of today will also be dead in the next decade or so, leaving unassuming future generations to deal with the mess they have created.

Adele Costa
By email

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