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Let’s save water

Water scarcity in India

Village women and girls carry water at Fangadi Village on the outskirts of Ahmedabad, India. Reuters

It’s no longer a sci-fi movie. The next war will most likely be over water. Water scarcity is real and world governments need to put together a global strategy to conserve the life-giving liquid (“UAE›s Well of Hope will provide clean water to 34 countries,” June 19, Gulf Today).

In light on this, UAE ‘Well of Hope’ campaign deserves praise. The initiative which is earmarked to provide clean water to people in disadvantaged communities by setting up 150 wells in 34 countries will go a long way in quenching the thirst of millions.

It’s a grim future. Around the world, fresh water is fast becoming a dangerously scarce commodity. It is predicted that 30 countries will be facing water shortages by 2025. The limited water supplies are being put under increasing pressure by growing population. That apart we as individuals need to get pro-active. Let us minimise our use of water in our homes and public areas. Let’s save water.

Mohammed Irfan
By email

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