'The political gangsters will have to find something new to talk about' - GulfToday

'The political gangsters will have to find something new to talk about'

Cricket Fans

Cricket fans posing for a photograph. AP

With a lot of hate statuses on Whatsapp and other social media about the India Pakistan match, the Indian populace only showed that they take personally the “cultivated” hatred towards Pakistan. And though your article is mild and bends towards making light of the matter, we know that there is much left unsaid. Also, perhaps the quotes taken for your article are from individuals who exhibit a better sense of maturity which, I’m sorry to say, majority of the majority of India cannot boast of. Sadly, they are not ashamed to boast of their hatred towards Pakistan. I don’t know the scene in Pakistan, because I am not from there but I will speak about India.

The hatred has its roots in imaginary enmity, an enmity that is fuelled by the political manipulators to gain electorate and popularity. One of the several questions that can be asked is, how has Pakistan or its people personally harmed any of the Indians who voice their hatred towards the country? The answer is definitely a blank, because there is no harm in the first place. Harm, is an illusion that is painted as a reality by the political gangsters. And war? What war? Pakistan returned the IAF pilot.

If we can see through the hatred that is very nicely cultivated and nurtured in our psyches by political gangsters, we will understand that they are as human as us. That they want peace as much as we do. That our needs are no different. That our common needs are more than our differences and that the only thing that differentiates us is our nationality. Otherwise, we are one. And when we realise this, we can boycott hatred and peace will reign.

And then, the talks of terrorism will be useless. The political gangsters will have to find something new to talk about.

Amar Despande
By email

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