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Why hound Assange?

Julian Assange

Julian Assange

It’s awful that the most ‘powerful’ countries in the world are hounding one man — Julian Assange. Entire countries that claim to be superpowers and developed are feeling threatened by one single individual. It says a lot about the countries and the said individual. It talks about how empty power can actually be, and how crooked the definition of developed is.

The US is a hypocrite in all regards. Where climate change is concerned, the US is the biggest perpetrator but blames other countries for the same. Where war and human rights are concerned the US is guilty as ever but of course the rest of the world will look the other side, because, US is after all, a self proclaimed super power.

The latest is of course the US hounding Julian Assange and for select ‘crimes’ at that. Assange is a journalist, to change that means the US is illiterate not to know the difference between publisher and journalist. And while the media publishes lies to appease governments, Assange has shown great courage and disregard for the powers that be, and published the truth.

He didn’t have much personal gain from it I believe, especially if one looks at the consequences of his revelations. But the revelations themselves were dangerous for the glamorous image that the US has painted of itself. The world should back Assange and the likes of him, only then we can say that we stand by the truth. Else we are as guilty as the US.

Joyce D
By email

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