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BJP's victory sends a clear message

Indian Election Celebrations

BJP supporters celebrate after party victory.

The landslide victory to BJP and its leader Narendra Modi sends a clear message. The nation is united behind its leader, Modi. But a victory of such magnitude will also warrant responsibility in equal measure. And so the challenges that await the already seasoned leader will be of much greater dimension this term, than the ones he faced in his first term

To think that he has not gauged the mood of the nation is utterly nonsensical but so would also be the case if the BJP underestimates the new wave. It is a clarion call from the people against a host of ‘ideas’ which were traditionally accepted as a part of the Indian voter’s psyche. The dynasty culture is dead for good, and so is the populist sops formula, to a large extent. Rahul Gandhi’s lose in Amethi ratifies the dynasty shift, adequately. But, what is new ask? Probably it will be all that was left undone in the last five years. Employment, industrial and economic growth and of course greater civic justice should figure on top of the list.

It is a great victory no doubt for Modi and I hope he will use it wisely to guide India to prosperity.

Sheetal Nair

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