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All eyes on vote counting


People pose for the camera with victory signs in New Delhi. Reuters

With the long-drawn polling exercise coming to a close, all eyes are now focused on the counting of votes and of course on who will be in the hot seat. While most of the exit polls indicate a clear majority for Modi’s alliance, and even if they come true, it is still left to be seen if the BJP can summon up the majority in the Lok Sabha on its own or will take the support of the NDA (“India’s Modi set to win election, exit polls show,” May 19, Gulf Today).

It will be an achievement of sorts for the BJP and for Modi in particular, should he get another term at the helm, considering that the party faced stiff resistance during campaigning on multiple issues ranging from unemployment and job losses, weak farm prices and poor economic development.  It was also one of the most polarised campaigning, I witnessed. Even more distressing was the functioning of the Election Commission which drew flak for its alleged bias towards the NDA legislators.

But that apart, for a democracy to function effectively we also need a strong opposition. And so whosoever it may be on opposite side, they should make sure that the functioning of the ruling party in kept in check. I hope the opposition stands united or else all we may pay a hefty price due to poor governance.

Mukesh Pritviraj

By email

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