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Humanity threatened

Cow India

A man showers flowers on a cow in India.

The starting para of the column is so sorrowful - it paints such a bleak picture of a common Indian citizen that one questions existence itself - the existence of a God. Of course, with the reverence of the cow, God is a public debacle and religion is a word I have come to hate, I wish it weren’t ever invented. To name the atrocities committed in the name of religion and that are continuing to be committed would make one want to hang themselves a thousand times over (“Let secularism rule,” May 16, Gulf Today).

However the point of the column is secularism. And of course addressing the issues that make an Indian want to be unborn. One of the basic needs of humans is safety - as stated in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. With the spread of communal hatred, this feeling of safety is threatened. Being called termites, intruders and what not does give one the feeling that ‘they’ are after one’s blood. When this basic need of safety is fulfilled, can one think of progress - something on the lines of what Rahul Gandhi aspires for the citizens.

He is right in pointing out issues that concern farmers, because a lot of India is rural and agrarian. He is right in pointing out basic income because it takes care of those who are impoverished. But I wonder whether even Modi can quell the hunger for the minorities blood, the hatred that is unleashed is out of control.

Rakesh Kumar

By email

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