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Unhealthy trend

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A report says that about 20% of the drugs manufactured in India are adulterated.

Despite strong legislations, India still grapples with the malaise of counterfeit medicines being sold in the open market and online. In fact I recently came across a report which said that about 20 per cent of the drugs manufactured in India are adulterated. It is an unhealthy prognosis but apart from that India also suffers from another curse and that is of ‘magic potions’ doled out by quacks (“Magic remedies loot Keralites by millions,” May 14, Gulf Today).

India has the distinction of being the leading global producers of low-cost generic medicines. But even with allopathic medicines being so cheap, we have many falling prey to magic concoctions plied by ‘godmen’ and quacks. It is generally believed that illiterates are the ones who are taken for a ride by such quacks. But that does not hold true. High-profile people also fall prey to unscientific practices as is seen in this case where we have Keralites duped by one such racketeer. And the state has the highest literacy rate in the country.

That apart the intriguing part of the raid was that the mastermind behind the racket is an IAS officer. That he has a background for fraud and was suspended for misappropriate funds, fits the bill, ironically. Who else is better suited at cheating?

Farook Shafiq

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