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Acute drought has made life miserable for the people of Somalia


Fooding crisis in Somalia is worsening.

It’s sad, the food crises in Somalia. The arid nature of the region coupled with drought makes the lives of the inhabitants a literal living hell. Humanitarian aid cannot reach fast enough and to the most deserving. While some humans in some parts of the world are actively engaged in raping the environment and molesting forests, there are those whose only concern is the hunger and that’s the most basic thing. That and water, both of which Somalia cannot give its inhabitants.

But what have people done when Earth was generous? Like, say the Amazon or India? They don’t know to value the gifts of nature and in bizarre behaviour they are in a frenzy to do away with these gifts and put up concrete and dirt in its place.

The other bizarre behaviour is diets. How many publications does one see which boast of ‘diets’ that help lose weight? Can one imagine the irony of such a situation where in one region people dream of the next morsel which is hard to come by, and at the other extreme the people think of ways to lose weight?

I don’t know a name for such a situation but it speaks of the people of the latter region being spoilt brats. Don’t people have more do to with their lives than think is losing weight? Sadly ironic. It should have been amusing but how can it be when people suffer for a lack of food and water and other people make a show of depriving themselves of the same.

Marissa Smith
By email

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