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People of Pakistan are fortunate to have Imran


Imran Khan

People of Pakistan are fortunate that they finally have Imran Khan as their leader who can run the country with honesty and dignity (“Imran inaugurates ‘Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme’” May 5, Gulf Today).

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. There is a history of a man whose name is Imran Khan that he made the impossible things possible. I am sure in the leadership of Imran Khan Pakistan will cope with the worst situation the country is facing these days.

I would like to appreciate Imran Khan for his firm commitment and hard work to make poor people’s lives better, as he said that his government will “make the impossible possible” by building houses for the less privileged.

Speaking at the ground-breaking ceremony of the “Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme” in Renala Khurd in Okara district of Punjab, he said that it was the state’s job to ensure that every citizen has access to shelter, food and other basic facilities. He announced that the housing scheme will be launched countrywide and that critics of the project will see that it will gain pace every year.

“This is a difficult task, otherwise the past two governments would have taken (this project) up,” he said. “Our government will take up every difficult task. Initiating the project took time because of legislative and legal hurdles. We had to introduce laws so that it would be possible for banks to give loans to people for this purpose.”

He said that the government would take banks on board and introduce mortgage laws so that a salaried person will also be able to buy a house. He said that the building of the houses will be outsourced to the private sector and the government will merely assist in the process. “We want every citizen to have a roof over their heads.”

The whole nation is with Imran Khan and I am sure he will turn the dismal situation to the best in the future.

Asif Khan

By email

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