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Healthy challenge


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The Take the Stairs challenge designed to encourage people young and old to swap the lifts for the stairs is a great initiative. I hope it evokes a healthy response among residents, considering that the country has a poor record as far as the malaise of obesity goes (“Rising obesity cause for concern,” April 19, Gulf Today).

Residents in the UAE enjoy a very high level of comfort. We work in plush offices, go to work in the comforts of air-conditioned cars, have ultra modern gadgets at home, and to top it all some of us even have our groceries  delivered to our doorsteps.

The flip side of all this ease is that we do not get sufficient exercise, which leads to obesity and related ailments like diabetes, etc.  That is a heavy price to pay.

A challenge like this could help us. Infact it should be embraced by all because it is a no-cost-all-benefit proposition. Most of us are either working or living in high-rise buildings. Imagine the health benefits we can get from taking the stairs, and all that for free.

Though it is only a 30-day challenge, it can be a harbinger for a change. As for me and my wife, we prefer taking the stairs, though at times we have to fight against our desire to take the easy way out – the lift. All said and done it is a challenge worth taking. It is cliché, but health is wealth.

Rashmi Chandra, By email

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